Apartment and non judicial stamp paper

What are the various categories of Stamp Papers available in this State. This enabled the department maintain up-to-date information on the revenue collections for any given period.

At the time of vacating, the landlord is expected to return your security deposit to you after making necessary deductions.

E-stamping has the benefits like generation in few minutes, tamper proof character, no need of specific denomination, unique identification number and simple verification method through recommended site etc. This act is an amendment to the Indian Registration Act, Once you pay the stamp duty, a franking machine will be used to frank the document with a special adhesive stamp.

The deal is not invalid, but the purchaser will have to pay the stamp duty again at the registration office.

Payment of registration charges, stamp duties goes online

This fee varies from state to state. The lawyer takes care of the Stamp paper and registration part most often.

The proceeds of Stamp Duty leviable in any financial year are assigned to the State.

What is Non Judicial e-Stamp Paper?

Documents which are not duly stamped are inadmissible in evidence. Superintendent of Stamps, Chennai. The original sale deed along with two photocopies of the original.

This is for those that have been done on 1st April and thereafter. How the stamp papers are reached to the Public. In case, the period of one year is expired or the omission was not due to any accident or mistake, the rectification could be done only by paying the deficitduty and penalty in court when they are produced before the Court in support of the claim.

A non-judicial stamp paper can be cancelled by writing on the face of the stamp Itself. Consequences of late payments: Insist on getting back receipts for every payment you make. Tax certificate, if it is a second-hand property. Enter party details, one from each side.

An unregistered contract is only seen as collateral evidence. State Governments have powers to fix stamp duties on all other documents. Non-judicial stamp paper Judicial stamp paper: The procedure for making payment of stamp duty and registration through GRAS which is as below; 1.

Now a days one can purchase stamp paper from stamp vendors or one can use E stamp paper. If more than one stamp is used, all stamps should be cancelled. It is important for property buyers to know that for ownership transfer, a buyer needs to pay some charges in the form of stamp duty and also for registration.

Where from the refund for the unused Stamp papers can be had. For what value the Revenue Stamp should be affixed. In such states Special Adhesive Stamps are being used instead of revenue stamps.


E-stamping is a computer based application and it is considered a more secured way of paying non-judicial stamp duty to the government.

In India, the calculation of stamp duty differs from state to state. Fill up the application form and give it to the collection centre along with the money for the stamp duty.

What types of online payment modes are available to pay stamp duty and registration fee. However, the state is yet to switch to the e-Stamping system completely. You can pay only registration fee through simple receipt only.

Everything you wanted to know about Stamp Papers. Aug 30,  · Is this Fee applicable irrespective of ALL Stamp papers (i.e.) the reg.

fee of Non-Judicial Stamps and the reg. fee of Spl Adhesive Stamps are the same? 8) What would be the proof while purchasing these Spl Adhesive Stamps? The Carbon paper self-copy paper and other copying or transfer papers including coated or impregnated paper for duplicator stencils or offset plates whether or not printed in rolls or sheets falls under the category Paper and paperboard; articles of paper pulp, of paper or of paperboard of GST bill and its corresponding HSN code is Here, you purchase non-judicial stamp paper from an authorised vendor.

Non- judicial stamp paper are papers that have impressed stamps. Once you purchase the stamp paper, the transaction details can be written/typed on them. DIFFERENCE BETWEEN JUDICIAL AND NON-JUDICIAL STAMP PAPER. The stamp paper is a foolscap size paper having printed revenue stamp of specific value such as Rs, Rs,Rs.

50,Rs,Rs etc. by Govt. Security Papers Limited is a Pakistan-based company, which is engaged in manufacturing of specialized paper for banknote and non-banknote security documents.

These presses print the % requirement of passports and other travel documents, non-judicial stamp papers, cheques, bonds, warrants, postal stamps and postal stationery and other security products.

Apartment and non judicial stamp paper
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