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Structural reforms to boost inclusive growth in Greece Author s: Overall the service is found to be in good shape as it enters a new phase in the next year.

Research papers

Towards a system of conflict management. The inefficiency of the Italian judicial system has contributed to reduced investments, slow growth and a difficult business environment.

Finally, opting out affects the value of cash holdings. He has consulted internationally on many mining projects, covering the whole mining life cycle, from exploration to closure and post-closure, in a large range of climatic and geographic environments. In particular, the requirement for age equality in employment and the ending of the Default Retirement Age in have prompted questions about how an ageing workforce is to be managed.

Both strands were in-scope for this evaluation, which adopts a comparative approach to the analysis and was designed to provide robust evidence for the impact of Acas Advisory Projects across a variety of contexts.

It presents recent statistical data on agency working from the Labour Force Survey, alongside findings from 28 interviews, conducted across 11 agencies, four user firms, union and industry representatives, along with a small number of agency temps.

Reforming the Speed of Justice: The evaluation is based on a telephone survey of customers employers and trade unions who used collective conciliation between October and Decemberwhich was supplemented by 14 in-depth qualitative interviews.

If you make a mistake, click Clear or select the term and press backspace or delete on your keyboard, or overtype the search. Taken together, the two studies comprise an evaluation that spans the entire conciliation offer, with this second stage examining, among other measures, the impacts of EC on subsequent conciliation and the ET process.

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The WERS data are used to examine changes in each of the specified regions over the periodand to identify areas in which employment relations in each region differs from the Rest of Great Britain. Thirty-five in-depth interviews were undertaken with a broad range of these claimants, to develop greater insights into the behaviours and motivations of this group and gather evidence to help Acas improve the delivery of the EC service.

Primarily based on statistical analysis of WERSit also draws on a literature review of research into employee engagement in order to look at how MacLeod and Clarke's 'enablers' have changed over time and how they vary across organisations and groups of employees.


Lectures from active scientists give insight in topics and methods of basic research at the fundaments of matter and forces, enabling the students to perform measurements on real data from particle physics experiments themselves.

A new study of homeworking in Acas — and beyond [1Mb] Ref: Social media describes online platforms that allow for user-generated content, interaction and collaboration.

The majority of the cases came from large, public sector organisations with access to HR advice and expertise and adds to existing work examining similar issues in small businesses. Holland Professor of Mining and Minerals Engineering in Repeat this for as many terms as you want to search on.

The title field presents a drop-down list of matching entries, from which you can select the required entry. Research papers Acas Early Conciliation decision-making: The findings are based on 25 qualitative interviews with mediation participants.

Our annual JAPCC Conference saw the highest turnout ever, hosting distinguished guests from the full range of political, military and industrial leadership. To add more terms to a search field, click Repeat. Research papers.

Acas' Research and Evaluation Section undertakes and commissions a range of in-depth research projects, findings from which are captured in our research papers. KRIBB NEWS. Identifying the gene that causes autism, finding a clue to the development of treatment.

KRIBB NEWS. Development of 3D in-vitro liver cancer model, which is similar to human liver cancer. Research Policy Notes (RPNs) are a product of the World Bank Development Research Group based in the Malaysia Knowledge and Research Hub.

With member countries, staff from more than countries, and offices in over locations, the World Bank Group is a unique global partnership: five institutions working for sustainable solutions that reduce poverty and build shared prosperity in developing countries.

This study attempts to provide some understanding about SMEs’ access to finance within the West African sub-region with particular interest in establishing whether there are similarities and/or differences in the determinants of SMEs access to finance across countries in SSA.

NAMRC. NAMRI/SME’s annual conference, the North American Manufacturing Research Conference (NAMRC), is a prominent international forum for the presentation and discussion of technical innovations and manufacturing research.

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